A Culinary Journey to The Middle East at Bayroute.

With three outlets in the city, Bayroute has definitely marked it’s spot on every foodies map for exquisite Middle Eastern food. We recently visited their Juhu outlet and our excitement to check out this place was at it’s peak. Pure elegance is what comes to mind as soon as you enter their outdoor seating area. You don’t have to worry about the heat at all in the outdoor area since there are air conditioners beside all the tables and a shed on top. The inside is beautifully lit with flickering hot air balloon shaped lamps representing the Hot air balloon festival at Cappadocia, Turkey. A perfect date spot or a perfect family dinner spot, Bayroute just fits in perfectly for whatever the occasion and whoever your company. 

We got to ordering and we were bewildered looking at the menu. It was not just the huge amount of dishes on the menu but the menu itself being printed right to left. The Arabic language (Hebrew) which is written and read from right to left is what inspires this menu. This just shows the amount of work that has been put into each and every detail of this restaurant to make it have that Middle Eastern touch. 

We started off with a Lotus Biscoff milkshake and the Dessert Storm cocktail. The milkshake was thick, rich and not overly sweetened. The desert storm on the other hand was an experience within itself. The drink is served in a smoke filled case which is then opened revealing a gust of smoke and the Desert Storm drink. Full points for the mind blowing presentation and full points for the spiked up drink. 

Bayroute Hummus and Mohamarra with Pita

Coming to the food, Middle Eastern appetizers are divided into Cold Mezze and Hot Mezze. Bayroute Hummus, Beharitla Hummus and Mahamarra were our choices for the Cold Mezze. These were served along with a genenous portion of warm and incredibly soft pita bread which is baked in house twice a day. The Bayroute Hummus was just so creamy and we can vouch for this being the best one in the city! Mahamarra which is a walnut based dip was delicious and we couldn’t stop ourselves from literally cleaning the whole plate. The Beharitla hummus however gets a thumbs down from us and we suggest you skip it. 

For the Hot Mezze we ordered the Mezze Fries, Harissa Chicken Kebab, Lebanese Nachos and the Kataifi Rubyan. All of these served on our table were a treat to our eyes and we just couldn’t figure out where to start! The Mezze Fries was simply ingenious! Veggies like beetroot, carrot and jalapeños are fried and served along with Tahini (paste made from sesame seeds) and Tzatziki dips (yogurt and garlic based sauce). The Kataifi Rubyan was another masterpiece served here. Fresh tiger prawns marinated in basil pesto, wrapped with angel hair pasta and fried to perfection. This is an absolute must try! 

The Harissa Chicken Kebabs are an absolute juicy and tender delight to all the carnivores out there. Try it if you can handle a bit of spice though. Next, we tried the Labanese Nachos, which were basically fried pita with a ton of shaved chicken shawarma pieces and topped with some lip smacking Tzatziki sauce. Dish after dish, Bayroute just didn’t stop impressing us with their astounding food. 

Bayroute Manakeesh
Kebab Koobideh

Next up, was the mains and we ordered the Kebab Koobideh and the Bayroute Manakeesh. A middle eastern twist to your regular Pizza is what Manakeesh is all about. Huge flatbread divided into four parts, each with a unique and different flavor. It’s like you have to eat your way to the dessert. Starting with Harrisa, then Za’atar, then Sebze and ending with Nutella hazelnut. While the Manakeesh was a huge hit among us, the Kebab Koobideh also impressed us. An Iranian dish perfected by the chef comes with two huge juicy ground chicken kebabs and Irani yellow rice. 

Lotus Drama

After all that gastronomic delight it was finally time for desserts. The Lotus Drama and Baklava were our choice from the vast dessert options. The Lotus Drama was a Lotus Biscoff based cheesecake with a hearty portion of Vanilla ice cream and topped with Lotus Biscoff and caramel drizzle. If you like your dessert to be a bomb of sweetness then this has to be your choice! 

The presentation of the baklava will leave you speechless! Absolutely gorgeous frozen rose petals crushed over the honey glazed phyllo pastry stuffed with various nuts. The baklava was nothing less than heavenly and we just can’t wait to go back to eat it! 

All in all, Bayroute was not just a dining experience, it was really a journey to the Middle East. 

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