About Us

Friends from school and lovers by fate, we pursued our love for food together. Kinjal’s amazing styling & photography skills and Pratik’s brilliant content creation & knowledge of food made us a perfect match for food blogging. From cocktails to 7 course meals, Fork Me Babyyy has always been an honest, genuine and non influenced platform for us to talk about the places we visit.

With great hard work, drunken afternoons, weight loss programs and perseverance to make a space for us in the clutter, we created Fork Me Babyyy. While Fork Me Babyyy has always given our viewers an honest feedback of the dishes we have tasted and beverages we have drank, we’re also very proactive at promoting Mom made food. Coz, mum’s always the best.

Fork Me Babyyy was earlier known as Eat Sleep Drink Repeat which was started by childhood best friends Zeel and Kinjal. Kinjal went ahead and gave it a new identity with Pratik, whereas Zeel went ahead to pursue her marketing career in full swing. She’s yet our sleeping partner though.

We want Fork Me Babyyy to be a community where we could share our ‘Food For Thought’ every now and then. We hope to give you an excellent and assured experience of the places we visit and things we eat. We would love to hear back from you for any feedbacks and recommendations at ForkMeBabyyy@gmail.com. 

Till then keep forking and we wish you a good forking life!