• Making Little Italy proud- Gelso and Grand

    In the heart of Little Italy at the intersection of Mulberry and Grand street we found this beautiful restaurant with red brick walls and wooden furniture which will teleport you right to Italy. 

    The servers were very welcoming and polite. With some suggestions from our server we were all set with our order. We started off with their Special Forbidden Fruit Sangria and the Rosé Sangria. Both the drinks were top notch and just perfect to sip on with a side of their marinated olives. For appetizers, we got the Truffle Honey Bruschetta and the Burrata Bruschetta. Honestly, we were really skeptical about the combination of Truffle Honey and Cheese but we were sold on the idea right when we took the first bite of this beauty! The Burrata, the tomatoes, the cheese and the bread were absolute perfection with the perfect balance of flavor. 

    For mains, we had our eyes set on the Pistachio Pesto Pasta as soon as we got the menus in our hands. Firstly, let me tell you this Pistachio Pesto Pasta is a gift from the Italian food Gods and we were blessed to have this here! It is a MUST TRY for every pesto lover. The pasta is served in a huge quantity sufficient for two and it is loaded with deliciousness!

    After discovering that crazy combination of Truffle Honey and Cheese, we just couldn’t resist not trying the Quattro Formaggi Pizza. This pizza is loaded with goat cheese, fontina, mozzarella, fig, truffle oil and aleppo honey. Yes, the figs in the description is sure to make you iffy about this pizza but trust us, this was a magical combination of flavor and we’re never getting over it! 

    Our dessert was obvious and we had been waiting to try it out ever since we saw it trending all over our Instagram! The Holy Cannoli isn’t just a dessert, it’s the main event before the end of a show! The presentation was on point with the huge cannoli filled with pumpkin cheesecake and peanut butter and of course a wooden hammer to smash it. If you think smashing the cannoli with the hammer was the fun part then you’re totally wrong! The real fun begins when you get to devour the epic taste of the cheesecake and peanut butter. 

  • Best Chicken Fingers in the city- Sticky’s Finger Joint

    Ever since we moved to the US, Sticky’s has been our go to place for amazing food. Fried chicken(chicken fingers) is a predominant dish in American cuisine and restaurants all over New York strive to achieve perfection in it. With signs all over the restaurant saying “the best damn  chicken finger you’ve ever tasted” you know they mean business. With an extensive array of dips they make sure every customer’s taste buds are satisfied. We visited the Hell’s Kitchen outlet and the staff here are the sweetest and friendliest! Being stingy is not their policy at all; whenever a customer wants to taste a dip they’ll hand them a chicken popper along and would rather ask them to try some more. 

    Moving on to the food here’s all that we’ve tried(or overdosed on) over all our visits here. 

    Truffle Parmesan Fries- THE BEST FRIES YOU’LL EVER HAVE IN YOUR LIFE! Crispy, crunchy, delicious, fresh and consistent. 

    S’mores Fries- We were really curious to try this one and it did taste pretty weird. S’mores and fries are not a combination for our us. 

    Vampire Killer- Be careful, you’ll get addicted to their Vampire Aioli. The Chicken Tenders were absolutely top notch, the Fries were absolute perfection and the generous amount of sauces and Parmesan on top just makes this dish a total banger! We are completely obsessed with this and we recommend it to all! 

    Chicken n Waffles- The classic American combination of Fried Chicken and bite size pieces of waffle drizzled with hot maple. Definitely worth a try! 

    Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich- This is not for the faint hearted. The juicy chicken is drenched in their Nashville Hot sauce which packs a punch of heat on every bite of this goodness. 

  • Tacos with an Indian Twist! – Tac n Roll

    NYC is know for its diversity and it can be seen through the food scene as well. Tac n roll came up with this ingenious idea to fuse Mexican tacos with Indian parathas to give us a delicacy which is a treat for our eyes and taste buds. The owner and the mastermind behind the dishes, Chef Eric Wong, a super humble and kind person prepares the dishes himself and makes sure his food matches your taste. The restaurant is a quick grab and go kind of a place but also has some seating space for you to sit and relish those tacos with a beer.

    The concept is simple and clear, choose your taco shell(Corn tortilla or Paratha), choose your protein(Chicken, Shrimp, Pork, Beef, Tofu) and choose your flavor style. Of course, we got the Paratha and for flavor styles we tried the India, Egypt and Vietnam.

    Firstly, in terms of presentation they all looked absolutely sensational with the bright colorful veggies. The “India” consisted of delicious chunks of Chicken Tikka, green chutney, kochumber and white sauce which blended together to give a burst of flavors in our mouths on each bite. Next one was the “Vietnam” with Shrimp which has a lemongrass marinade, sriracha mayo, cucumber, onion and daikon radish. All these combined are an absolute delight to your tastebuds. Lastly, we tried the “Egypt” which is the latest addition to their menu. This is the only one served without any protein but we’re not complaining. Possibly our most favorite one and it was loaded with hummus, falafel, onions and lettuce. The hummus and falafel were simply stellar and we are totally their number 1 fans! The parathas they use are more like the Pratas found in Singapore than the Parathas from India but we still loved this flaky goodness which really compliments each of the flavor styles offered here.

  • Authentic Greek Food Tucked Away In The Suburbs- GoGreek (Pelham)

    Away from the hustle and bustle of New York City is this peaceful and beautiful Suburban town of Pelham. Right in the heart of this town, we found GoGreek; a hidden gem serving authentic Greek food. The owner of this restaurant Mr. Dan Krystallis enthusiastically explained to us the inspiration behind the restaurant which was his time spent in Greece where he enjoyed the Greek culture and their lip-smacking food. With a motive to replicate the same culinary experience he had in Greece to the crowd in his city, he opened up this quick-service restaurant called GoGreek. 

    The humble and welcoming staff showed a similar passion for the cuisine and the restaurant which was really appreciable. With some suggestions from the staff, we were all set with our order. We started off with the Yaya’s Chicken Rice Egg Lemon Soup which is a take on a grandmas style soup. Every sip of this soup had love and comfort all over it! We cannot wait for it to start snowing and go back and have this soup. The GoGreek salad consisted of fresh veggies with feta cheese and a wholesome portion of grilled chicken pieces (also available with Gyro meat or Falafel). 

    For appetizers, we got the Spinach Pie, Greek-style Chicken Wings, and the 3 Dips Appetizer. The spinach pie was this flaky goodness filled with a layer of spinach and feta cheesy. The Chicken wings were absolutely smashing with the perfectly crunchy crust on the outside and juicy chicken on the inside. The 3 Dips appetizer includes the classic Greek Tzatziki, Hummus, and a Spicy Feta dip. These were all delicious but the Spicy Feta was simply out of this world! 

    Whenever we see fries on the menu we have to get it and so did we! We tried the GoGreek Fries and the GoGreek Chips. The fries were topped with Feta and oregano while the chips were topped with Parmesan and olive oil. The combination of the toppings on them both was spot on. 

    Finally, it was time for the main event, their USP; the Gyro. The Gyro is basically a pita wrap filled with pork which is roasted on a rotisserie, onions, tomato, tzatziki, and fries (Yes, real gyros have fries in them). The roasted pork was absolutely succulent and right after the first bite, we knew this was something special and was totally worth the hype. The in house prepared tzatziki levels up the flavor of the gyro. We also tried the Falafel Pita which was similar to the Gyro but with Falafel instead of the pork. We can vouch for it that this is the best Falafel you’ll ever have! 

    Overall, we were really impressed with each aspect of this QSR. The food is totally mind-blowing and the staff is super friendly. Another amazing quality about this restaurant is that all the dishes are below $10 each. Definitely, recommend everyone to give this place a shot and experience the flavors of real Greek food. 

  • Experience Cheese Heaven at Pasta Lovers

    Located right next to Times Square, this restaurant has a classy setting and really generous staff. Special mention to Nick, Dennis and Ronnie who were super friendly and the sweetest guys serving us! As the name suggests their USP is their huge variety of Pasta. 

    If you’re active on Instagram then you must have definitely watched the viral video of their incredible Fried Mozzarella so of course we had to get that! The Fried Mozzarella is basically like Mozzarella sticks but way beyond perfection. The marinara sauce served along was absolutely delicious and went so well with the fried Mozzarella. 

    Next, we ordered their Special Cheese Wheel Hennessy Pasta which is a MUST TRY or else you’ll regret it all your life! Firstly, the presentation was on point. They brought in the whole Parmesan cheese wheel at our table and torched it up with Hennessy and doused the Fettucine into the cheese. The pasta was supremely buttery and creamy and we totally loved it! 

    From their variety of Pizzas, the Grandma’s pizza struck our eye so we got ourselves that. This was a square shaped thin crust pizza with the goodness of marinara, cheese and pesto drizzled on top. The pesto was a game changer and it blew us away! Loved it! 

    For dessert, we went for the New York Style Cheesecake and the Molten Chocolate Cake. The cheesecake was just so smooth and delicious but the Chocolate cake was the one which won our hearts! The Molten cake is filled with molten dark chocolate at the center and it literally defines the term soul satisfying! 

    Overall, Pasta Lovers is a perfect spot for good food and drinks and for any occasion like a date or casual meal. Huge thumbs up to the nicest staff!

  • Beer Garden with Sharable Food Platters- Clinton Hall

    Clinton Hall takes it’s inspiration from Castle Clinton located in Battery Park. The main goal for the owners to have a American beer hall was to get people together away from their phones and laptops. This can be clearly seen with their communal tables, a wide variety of games offered and huge shared dishes. The bar has a bewildering array of specialty beers served on tap. The servers were warm and welcoming but with so many tables to attend they do get quite busy. With a laidback and chill vibe, this place is a perfect after work spot for drinks and food. 

    With some recommendations from our server we were all set with our order. We got the Dipper Trio, Truffle Parmesan Fries and the Famous Doughnut Grilled Cheese. The dipper Trio consisted of Guacamole, Spicy Feta, Squash Hummus along with Pita Chips. All three dips were pretty average and missed the oomph factor. The Truffle Parmesan Fries which was again nothing special and we thought could have been better. Next was their Famous Doughnut Grilled Cheese and it totally lives up to the hype! The Doughnut has a crisp on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. The tomato dip goes so perfectly well with the Doughnut and cheese. Each bite of this was simply heavenly!

    We ordered the Crispy Chicken Stack for entrees. This sandwich was loaded with Fried Chicken, Fried Pickles, Cole Slaw, Pickles and a lip smacking Hot Honey Sauce. It’s not just a sandwich, it’s a monstrous sandwich and definitely a contender for the recently trending Chicken Sandwich Wars. 

    For dessert, our choice was obvious. If there’s anything with Red Velvet on the menu, we want it! So we got the Red Velvet WTF Waffle and we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. This one dessert is good enough as a whole meal for three/four people. There’s no adjective to describe how ginormous this dessert was. It includes three stacked Waffles, a big slice of Red Velvet Cheesecake, Vanilla Icecream, loads of whipped cream, crushed Oreo, Sprinkles and M&Ms. The Red Velvet Cheesecake was extraordinarily delicious and we hope they put it up on their menu separately too. The waffles were soft they escalate slowly on each and every taste bud and make you close your eyes. Perfection.

  • Tropical Vibes In The Middle Of Times Square- Terrace & Outdoor Garden

    Edition hotel is know for their impeccable hospitality standards and this restaurant being a part of it had to be special. We visited the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. They have an indoor dining section and a outdoor terrace section. The indoor side is more elegant and fine dining esque while the terrace has an absolutely gorgeous tropical kind of vibe to it. You wouldn’t believe that you are right in the middle of the hustle-bustle of Times Square. Of course we had to get us a table at the terrace section. The staff were just so warm, polite and right on point with their recommendations.

    We got to ordering and we got ourselves a Lobster Scramble, the Mezze Platter and the Focaccia Bread. The Mezze Platter comes with a huge array of dips along with pita, turmeric eggs, quinoa bowl and some veggies. The hummus was absolutely smashing with a perfect creamy texture. The Focaccia bread is a fresh baked baked filled with buffalo sauce and heaps of cheese. All we can say about this is that it defines the term “Cheesy Goodness”!

    Next up was the Lobster Scramble which was basically some smooth and creamy scrambled eggs filled with loads of buttery lobster pieces. Every bite of this beauty will give you a soothing and calm feeling down your spine. 

    It was time for desserts and we knew exactly what we wanted; Waffles and Soufflé! The presentation for both of these were top notch. The waffles are served along with a wide range of toppings like caramel, maple syrup, strawberry, banana and chocolate chips. Every topping served are of high quality and compliment the waffle to perfection. 

    The soufflé has “I ❤️NY” written on it which makes for an mind blowing Insta-worthy post. It was supremely soft and moist and was a bit towards the dark chocolate side but the ice cream on top gives it more sweetness. You just cannot be the one thinking about calories when you order this dessert. 

    Overall, we had an amazing time here and we cannot wait to visit again especially for the waffles!

  • Navi Mumbai gets a Vilayati Twist

    Newest entrant to the ever growing food scene of Navi Mumbai. Vilayati offers you a fresh new take on your ordinary Indian dishes. The interiors are a complete mixture of different ideas. Chandeliers for that classy look, neon signs for the cool vibe, book shelves for some weird reason etc. Our server suggested us their best dishes and we were all set with our order. 

    Go Long Be Strong
    Goti Soda

    We started off with some drinks. They have a huge range of Goti Soda cocktails and we got the Orange Margarita one. A sense of nostalgia passes through your mind as you pop that Goti soda bottle. Taste wise though it was pretty much your regular orange soda with a spike of vodka. Other drink we ordered was the Go Long Be Strong and yes, it stays true to its name! Lots of different spirits added to this one so be careful, it’s not for the lightweights. 

    For appetizers, we got ourselves the Kurkuri Cheese Cigars, Pili Mirch Tikka and Teriyaki Chicken Bao.

    Served in cutting chai glasses, the Kurkuri Cheese Cigars were just so crunchy! The Teriyaki Bao was an absolute winner of our hearts. Very few restaurants in Mumbai serve good Baos and this one certainly marked it’s spot on our list. Tangy and a hint of sweetness to the perfectly cooked chicken makes this dish a must have! The Pili Mirch Tikka, however could have been better. 

    The crazy amount of different appetizers on the menu made us feel like skiping the mains and just try more appetizers instead. So, we ordered the Chicken Tandoori Lollypop and Hummus with Thecha. We still thank ourselves for trying more appetizers or else we would have missed out on this gem of a dish called the Chicken Tandoori Lollypop. Firstly, the presentation was ON POINT. Served in a huge flask shaped lid which when opened reveals a ton of smoke and the delicious ghee glazed lollypops. The coal gives it a smoky flavor which gives it that oomph factor. The chicken marinated to perfection has a hint of spice to it. This definitely is our most recommended dish which you just shouldn’t miss out on. Next up was the Hummus with Thecha. The hummus was nice and creamy but the Thecha didn’t have the spiciness which one expects from it. 

    We ended our meal with the Ras Malai Tres Leches and the Paan Tiramisu. Both of them get a big thumbs up from us for presentation and taste. The ras malai cake was not overly sweet and just so soft. The Paan Tiramisu was more like a Mousse than a Tiramisu. If you ignore the name and focus on the taste, you’ll love it. 

    Overall, we believe Vilayati is a lovely place to chill and have fun. A lot of places focus too much on presentation of their food and ignore the taste and quality, but that’s not how Vilayati does it. Presentation is top notch and the quality is even better! 

  • A Culinary Journey to The Middle East at Bayroute.

    With three outlets in the city, Bayroute has definitely marked it’s spot on every foodies map for exquisite Middle Eastern food. We recently visited their Juhu outlet and our excitement to check out this place was at it’s peak. Pure elegance is what comes to mind as soon as you enter their outdoor seating area. You don’t have to worry about the heat at all in the outdoor area since there are air conditioners beside all the tables and a shed on top. The inside is beautifully lit with flickering hot air balloon shaped lamps representing the Hot air balloon festival at Cappadocia, Turkey. A perfect date spot or a perfect family dinner spot, Bayroute just fits in perfectly for whatever the occasion and whoever your company. 

    We got to ordering and we were bewildered looking at the menu. It was not just the huge amount of dishes on the menu but the menu itself being printed right to left. The Arabic language (Hebrew) which is written and read from right to left is what inspires this menu. This just shows the amount of work that has been put into each and every detail of this restaurant to make it have that Middle Eastern touch. 

    We started off with a Lotus Biscoff milkshake and the Dessert Storm cocktail. The milkshake was thick, rich and not overly sweetened. The desert storm on the other hand was an experience within itself. The drink is served in a smoke filled case which is then opened revealing a gust of smoke and the Desert Storm drink. Full points for the mind blowing presentation and full points for the spiked up drink. 

    Bayroute Hummus and Mohamarra with Pita

    Coming to the food, Middle Eastern appetizers are divided into Cold Mezze and Hot Mezze. Bayroute Hummus, Beharitla Hummus and Mahamarra were our choices for the Cold Mezze. These were served along with a genenous portion of warm and incredibly soft pita bread which is baked in house twice a day. The Bayroute Hummus was just so creamy and we can vouch for this being the best one in the city! Mahamarra which is a walnut based dip was delicious and we couldn’t stop ourselves from literally cleaning the whole plate. The Beharitla hummus however gets a thumbs down from us and we suggest you skip it. 

    For the Hot Mezze we ordered the Mezze Fries, Harissa Chicken Kebab, Lebanese Nachos and the Kataifi Rubyan. All of these served on our table were a treat to our eyes and we just couldn’t figure out where to start! The Mezze Fries was simply ingenious! Veggies like beetroot, carrot and jalapeños are fried and served along with Tahini (paste made from sesame seeds) and Tzatziki dips (yogurt and garlic based sauce). The Kataifi Rubyan was another masterpiece served here. Fresh tiger prawns marinated in basil pesto, wrapped with angel hair pasta and fried to perfection. This is an absolute must try! 

    The Harissa Chicken Kebabs are an absolute juicy and tender delight to all the carnivores out there. Try it if you can handle a bit of spice though. Next, we tried the Labanese Nachos, which were basically fried pita with a ton of shaved chicken shawarma pieces and topped with some lip smacking Tzatziki sauce. Dish after dish, Bayroute just didn’t stop impressing us with their astounding food. 

    Bayroute Manakeesh
    Kebab Koobideh

    Next up, was the mains and we ordered the Kebab Koobideh and the Bayroute Manakeesh. A middle eastern twist to your regular Pizza is what Manakeesh is all about. Huge flatbread divided into four parts, each with a unique and different flavor. It’s like you have to eat your way to the dessert. Starting with Harrisa, then Za’atar, then Sebze and ending with Nutella hazelnut. While the Manakeesh was a huge hit among us, the Kebab Koobideh also impressed us. An Iranian dish perfected by the chef comes with two huge juicy ground chicken kebabs and Irani yellow rice. 

    Lotus Drama

    After all that gastronomic delight it was finally time for desserts. The Lotus Drama and Baklava were our choice from the vast dessert options. The Lotus Drama was a Lotus Biscoff based cheesecake with a hearty portion of Vanilla ice cream and topped with Lotus Biscoff and caramel drizzle. If you like your dessert to be a bomb of sweetness then this has to be your choice! 

    The presentation of the baklava will leave you speechless! Absolutely gorgeous frozen rose petals crushed over the honey glazed phyllo pastry stuffed with various nuts. The baklava was nothing less than heavenly and we just can’t wait to go back to eat it! 

    All in all, Bayroute was not just a dining experience, it was really a journey to the Middle East. 

  • Mabruk

    Mabruk, which is an Arabic word literally translates to “blessed” and we second that Sahara Star is truly blessed to have this fine dining mediterranean heaven under their roof. Dining here is like an experience that one would remember all their life. As soon as you enter your attention is straight up grabbed by the majestic grandeur of the lagoon area. The arabic tunes playing in the back and the gorgeous sheesha pots placed around sets the middle eastern atmosphere perfectly. The flowing water from the lagoon gives a really soothing and calm vibe to the place which literally makes you feel like not leaving at all. 

    A big shoutout to the most welcoming and polite staff ever. Our servers Mr. Lalit and Mr. Niraj were well versed with the menu and suggest you the best dishes as per your taste. 

    We started off with Koshaf and Lemon Maa Ward which are two really cool and refreshing mocktails with a base of Mango and Rose Water respectively. Just the right drink to beat the Mumbai heat. 

    Just like the Arabs we were served with a Cold Mezze Platter and a Hot Mezze Platter. The Cold Mezze features various dips and the one’s which stood out were the Mou’Hamara (Walnut, Tomato and Chilli relish) and Hummus (Chickpea purée with Garlic, Lemon and Tahina). Dip the warm and soft Pita bread or Zatar into these dips and rejoice. The Hot Mezze on the other hand featured various appetizers and our favorites were the Shish Touk (Chicken Skewers) and the Safi’Ha B’Jibneh (Holloumi and Zatar stuffed mini open pie). A pro tip would be to dip the Shish Touk into the side Harissa sauce if you like that extra kick of spice in your food. 



    Cold Mezze Platter

    The man behind this ingenious restaurant, Chef Jihad personally comes up to your table to make sure you’re enjoying your meal and gives you a few tips on eating Mediterranean cuisine just like the Arabs. 

    For mains we got the Tagine Khodar and the Manakeesh Zatar. Menakeesh was an absolute winner of a dish. Basically a middle eastern pizza with a base of Zatar bread. The thyme, seasame and olive oil topped on the bread makes it just so flavorful. 


    Manakeesh Zatar with Chicken

    Ending our meal with the Classic Baklava was like a cherry on icing for our experience here at Mabruk. Crispy phyllo pastry filled with dry fruits and beautifully glazed with honey.