Experience Cheese Heaven at Pasta Lovers

Located right next to Times Square, this restaurant has a classy setting and really generous staff. Special mention to Nick, Dennis and Ronnie who were super friendly and the sweetest guys serving us! As the name suggests their USP is their huge variety of Pasta. 

If you’re active on Instagram then you must have definitely watched the viral video of their incredible Fried Mozzarella so of course we had to get that! The Fried Mozzarella is basically like Mozzarella sticks but way beyond perfection. The marinara sauce served along was absolutely delicious and went so well with the fried Mozzarella. 

Next, we ordered their Special Cheese Wheel Hennessy Pasta which is a MUST TRY or else you’ll regret it all your life! Firstly, the presentation was on point. They brought in the whole Parmesan cheese wheel at our table and torched it up with Hennessy and doused the Fettucine into the cheese. The pasta was supremely buttery and creamy and we totally loved it! 

From their variety of Pizzas, the Grandma’s pizza struck our eye so we got ourselves that. This was a square shaped thin crust pizza with the goodness of marinara, cheese and pesto drizzled on top. The pesto was a game changer and it blew us away! Loved it! 

For dessert, we went for the New York Style Cheesecake and the Molten Chocolate Cake. The cheesecake was just so smooth and delicious but the Chocolate cake was the one which won our hearts! The Molten cake is filled with molten dark chocolate at the center and it literally defines the term soul satisfying! 

Overall, Pasta Lovers is a perfect spot for good food and drinks and for any occasion like a date or casual meal. Huge thumbs up to the nicest staff!

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