• Authentic Greek Food Tucked Away In The Suburbs- GoGreek (Pelham)

    Away from the hustle and bustle of New York City is this peaceful and beautiful Suburban town of Pelham. Right in the heart of this town, we found GoGreek; a hidden gem serving authentic Greek food. The owner of this restaurant Mr. Dan Krystallis enthusiastically explained to us the inspiration behind the restaurant which was his time spent in Greece where he enjoyed the Greek culture and their lip-smacking food. With a motive to replicate the same culinary experience he had in Greece to the crowd in his city, he opened up this quick-service restaurant called GoGreek. 

    The humble and welcoming staff showed a similar passion for the cuisine and the restaurant which was really appreciable. With some suggestions from the staff, we were all set with our order. We started off with the Yayaโ€™s Chicken Rice Egg Lemon Soup which is a take on a grandmas style soup. Every sip of this soup had love and comfort all over it! We cannot wait for it to start snowing and go back and have this soup. The GoGreek salad consisted of fresh veggies with feta cheese and a wholesome portion of grilled chicken pieces (also available with Gyro meat or Falafel). 

    For appetizers, we got the Spinach Pie, Greek-style Chicken Wings, and the 3 Dips Appetizer. The spinach pie was this flaky goodness filled with a layer of spinach and feta cheesy. The Chicken wings were absolutely smashing with the perfectly crunchy crust on the outside and juicy chicken on the inside. The 3 Dips appetizer includes the classic Greek Tzatziki, Hummus, and a Spicy Feta dip. These were all delicious but the Spicy Feta was simply out of this world! 

    Whenever we see fries on the menu we have to get it and so did we! We tried the GoGreek Fries and the GoGreek Chips. The fries were topped with Feta and oregano while the chips were topped with Parmesan and olive oil. The combination of the toppings on them both was spot on. 

    Finally, it was time for the main event, their USP; the Gyro. The Gyro is basically a pita wrap filled with pork which is roasted on a rotisserie, onions, tomato, tzatziki, and fries (Yes, real gyros have fries in them). The roasted pork was absolutely succulent and right after the first bite, we knew this was something special and was totally worth the hype. The in house prepared tzatziki levels up the flavor of the gyro. We also tried the Falafel Pita which was similar to the Gyro but with Falafel instead of the pork. We can vouch for it that this is the best Falafel you’ll ever have! 

    Overall, we were really impressed with each aspect of this QSR. The food is totally mind-blowing and the staff is super friendly. Another amazing quality about this restaurant is that all the dishes are below $10 each. Definitely, recommend everyone to give this place a shot and experience the flavors of real Greek food.