• Mabruk

    Mabruk, which is an Arabic word literally translates to “blessed” and we second that Sahara Star is truly blessed to have this fine dining mediterranean heaven under their roof. Dining here is like an experience that one would remember all their life. As soon as you enter your attention is straight up grabbed by the majestic grandeur of the lagoon area. The arabic tunes playing in the back and the gorgeous sheesha pots placed around sets the middle eastern atmosphere perfectly. The flowing water from the lagoon gives a really soothing and calm vibe to the place which literally makes you feel like not leaving at all. 

    A big shoutout to the most welcoming and polite staff ever. Our servers Mr. Lalit and Mr. Niraj were well versed with the menu and suggest you the best dishes as per your taste. 

    We started off with Koshaf and Lemon Maa Ward which are two really cool and refreshing mocktails with a base of Mango and Rose Water respectively. Just the right drink to beat the Mumbai heat. 

    Just like the Arabs we were served with a Cold Mezze Platter and a Hot Mezze Platter. The Cold Mezze features various dips and the one’s which stood out were the Mou’Hamara (Walnut, Tomato and Chilli relish) and Hummus (Chickpea purée with Garlic, Lemon and Tahina). Dip the warm and soft Pita bread or Zatar into these dips and rejoice. The Hot Mezze on the other hand featured various appetizers and our favorites were the Shish Touk (Chicken Skewers) and the Safi’Ha B’Jibneh (Holloumi and Zatar stuffed mini open pie). A pro tip would be to dip the Shish Touk into the side Harissa sauce if you like that extra kick of spice in your food. 



    Cold Mezze Platter

    The man behind this ingenious restaurant, Chef Jihad personally comes up to your table to make sure you’re enjoying your meal and gives you a few tips on eating Mediterranean cuisine just like the Arabs. 

    For mains we got the Tagine Khodar and the Manakeesh Zatar. Menakeesh was an absolute winner of a dish. Basically a middle eastern pizza with a base of Zatar bread. The thyme, seasame and olive oil topped on the bread makes it just so flavorful. 


    Manakeesh Zatar with Chicken

    Ending our meal with the Classic Baklava was like a cherry on icing for our experience here at Mabruk. Crispy phyllo pastry filled with dry fruits and beautifully glazed with honey.